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Should You Consider Pharmacy For Your Career? Find Here!

If you are keen on taking up health sciences, pharmacy could emerge as one of the options. The healthcare sector is expanding at a fast rate, and this is one of the few industries that are not affected by recession and other factors. In short, pharmacists will continue to remain in demand, and salaries in the US range anywhere between $120,000 and $140,000, depending on the role, job and experience of the professional. In case you are wondering what is a pharmacist, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

What does a pharmacist do?

The primary job of a pharmacist is to dispense prescription medications to patients. They explain all the relevant details that patients need to know. For instance, how the medications are to be taken, dosage and other information like drug interactions. In hospitals, pharmacists are expected to coordinate with doctors and nurses, so that nutritional solutions can be prepared and IVs can be administered as required. Pharmaceutical care is a diverse field, and pharmacists are often involved in research and can work with labs and private companies, as well.

The diverse duties of a pharmacist

Pharmacists have a huge role to play as how drug therapy is planned and implemented. They also ensure that patients are using drugs as recommended and prescribed, and can also resolve drug therapy problems, if any. Counselling and helping patients with drug use and offering guidance on safe use of prescriptions are other duties of a pharmacist.

How to become a pharmacist?

To become a pharmacist, you need to complete the doctor of pharmacy degree, for which you must have a 4-years bachelor’s degree in subjects like organic chemistry and biology. A number of colleges in the US insist on the Pharmacy College Admissions Test score, and the PharmD degree itself is a 4-year course. You also need to pass two licensure exams and get your license to start practicing as a pharmacist. Jobs are easy to get immediately after, and you can expect a decent salary close to the average we mentioned right at the start. Experience is highly valued in this field, so your pay will only get better with time.

There are many colleges that offer PharmD degree in the US, so do your homework, discuss the prospects with a career counsellor and get advice on whether this is the ideal career choice with your interest and goals in consideration.


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