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Why International Schools are the Best Choice for Expats

Moving to a new country? One of your main priorities will no doubt be getting the kids settled and ensuring their education isn’t interrupted. But this can be a challenge, as there are lots of different options for schooling out there. However, by far the most popular choice for expats are international schools, which teach the curriculum in English, or occasionally in another European language, and often offer a better standard of education than local schools. Here’s why you should choose one for your child if you emigrate.

International schools remove the language barrier

If you move to a country where English isn’t widely spoken, that can be tough on your child. At an international school, most lessons will be in English, and this gives them advantages such as:

  • Being able to communicate with the teacher and other pupils
  • Being able to stay at the same level in subjects, as they can understand the lessons
  • Feeling more at home
  • The ability to make friends in their new location

If you’re concerned that they won’t learn the local language, then don’t worry. Most international schools also offer language lessons, so they can pick up the language at their own pace. This is much better than being thrown into the deep end and having to pick it up.

They follow a similar curriculum to home

There’s a bigger challenge facing parents with older children who are close to exam years. If you send your child to a local school in your new country, they can end up following a completely different curriculum, and at the end of it, come out with qualifications that might not be recognised should the child move back home. If you look at the international school curriculum Bangkok, you’ll see that it’s based on a western style of teaching, and at the end of it, kids get an internationally recognised certificate, which they can then use for university admissions around the world.

Children are adaptable and can cope well with new situations, but if you’re moving abroad, you’ll no doubt want them to be able to settle into the new place well. That’s why it’s worth looking at international schools where they can get a great education in their own language. International schools are used to working with the children of expats, so can be nurturing and encouraging, and the transition from their home country is a lot less scary, as many aspects of their school will be the same.

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