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What are the characteristics of a good online tutor?

With the introduction of the internet in our lives, it totally changed our livings. It has changed our thinking, lifestyles and also the method of study. Earlier our children used to go to the teacher to study that will kill their time in going and coming. But now they can find a tutor online. It helps in saving their time of traveling and also they can take tuition according to their convenience. The students can interact with the teachers through the internet. A student can start their learning by taking classes from the tutors via online tools like mailing, messaging s/w, and also webcam. The online tutors teach the students by giving them the best service in solving their problems and queries. The student can take the classes from anywhere and anytime. Online teachers differ according to the place, qualification and teaching experience, therefore to become a good online teacher you must be modernized according to the varying methods and skills for online teaching. A best online tutor should have some characteristics that help in making complete professional:

  1. Tolerance: Every tutor should have a tolerance quality in it so that each student has dissimilar types of ability to learn. They must have patience quality because each student has a different learning capacity. Sometimes few students learn fast and some are slow in learning. So it is necessary for every tutor to keep patience while teaching.
  2. Confident: A tutor should be confident in the way that he is able to solve all kinds of problems of students. Self-confidence develops the ability to face all kinds of student’s problems and also to motivate the children.
  3. Must be passionate: A tutor must be passionate about their work. They should have respected the teaching aids. The teacher should be fond of reading and have a passion to solve the different queries of students.
  4. Should good in written and verbal communication: A good teacher should be good in writing and verbal communication. While tuition a tutor has to spend more time by verbal communication. They should also have the ability of writing so that one can teach the students sometimes by using graphs, notes etc.
  5. Full of resource: A tutor must be full of all the resources that help in teaching to the students. They must have some resources like online dictionaries, pictures, learning videos, etc.

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