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The Ultimate Workout Is Muay Thai

Whether you have no experience or years of training, Muay Thai is a cardio-intensive workout. Being one of Thailand’s most cherished sports, you will reshape your mind, body, and spirit. Muay Thai will revamp your physical health and mental health.

Why Choose Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is the perfect total body workout. Do you want to lose weight? Are you trying to build muscle? Are you interested in competing? Muay Thai is an intense workout that will burn fat, build your core, increase flexibility, and drastically build your strength. Are you looking to compete? Muay Thai competitions are short and intense. They will test your character, your strength, and you will not give up. Trainers will encourage and challenge you along the way.

What Should I Know About Scoring in a Competition?

Muay Thai competitions are short and intense. Three judges will score you based on a 10-point system. Scoring in Muay Thai is judged on the competition as a whole rather than per round. Muay Thai in Reading is not any different from Thailand. Judges use the same scoring system. The highest scoring techniques are the ones that demonstrate the greatest effect in the fight. Muay Thai is an art and judges look for fighters to demonstrate this perfected art. For example, if a fighter lands a kick but physically wobbles or loses balance, the other fighter’s punch may hold greater weight in the scorecard. Kicking to the body or a straight knee are more favoured demonstrations of perfecting Muay Thai than boxing. This means that if a boxer and a kicker are not emphasising the visual effects of their movements, then the kicker will win over the boxer.

Is Muay Thai and MMA the Same?

Muay Thai is a key foundation of the extremely popular sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). If you are an MMA fighter, it is important to perfect the art of Muay Thai. Some of the best and most well-known MMA fighters use Muay Thai as their foundation for striking their opponent. Muay Thai encompasses a wide range of techniques that every MMA fighter utilised during a competition.

Values, Respect, and Discipline

People typically misconstrue Muay Thai as just a sport full of violence. On the contrary, Muay Thai is a martial art that cultivates and encourages deep values rooted in Thailand’s traditions and culture. Studying Muay Thai will inspire you as well as teach you discipline and respect. Trainers encourage these values in the classes. You will apply these values and ethics to your daily life, unleashing your potential.


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